Sunday, October 30, 2016

Review: The Girl on The Train

Here's something a little different for you, dearest viewers, as I have been busy and felt rather stagnated in the blogging department lately.

There's nothing wrong with mixing it up a little bit.

Surprise! I'm an avid reader. Truly, I read around 40-50 books a year. In my best year of reading, I read 64 books! That was the summer I read every V.C Andrews novel my Mother passed on to me. It was a lot.

Most recently I read the acclaimed Paula Hawkins novel The Girl on The Train, and I was NOT disappointed!
It was like living in the lives of three people simultaneously, never certain what the outcome would be.
The Girl on The Train is about a beautiful, seductive, and very confused woman whose life is taken much too soon. It's about a woman who lost everything important to her, and gave her mental faculties over to alcoholism and obsession with a life she feared she would never have again. The Girl on The Train is about a woman who dotes on her husband and daughter, the epitome of the perfect, and oblivious house wife; however, it turns out her life is not all it seems.
These three, very different, women effect each others lives in unknown and profound ways.

I was enthralled from the first word of this novel, and finished it in less than 24 hours. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery, and really, to anyone at all!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stockholm Bag by Pink Pony Design

I have once again had the pleasure of testing a pattern for Maria at Pink Pony Design.
This time I find myself utterly loving this tote style bag featuring many pockets, a magnetic closure, and ample room for my 15" Laptop, a couple of notebooks, pens/pencils on the inside.

When you purchase the pattern there is an option for more pockets, but I won't throw my phone in the bag, more likely in one of the outside pockets.

Me and my love of bright zippers! The pattern also instructs the use of the decor fabric in the pocket, which is a cool little design feature!

The outside of this perfectly sized tote features a large front pocket, where I added my tag.
Here you can also see a close view of piping on the top of the front pocket.

The backside has a small (7"-8") zippered pocket, where you can stealthily hide your cash, cards, and phone.

The same pink zipper from the inside, I think it pops perfectly.

Something else I did, that is not specific to the pattern is add piping, which is just something I thought made it look fancy and nice for a writers bag. 

I would say that this pattern is perfect for beginner to intermediate bag makers, and there's all sorts of little ways you can customize it to make it work for any use. Like the Daytona Bag, it is definitely a WIN in my opinion.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Introducing: The Elaine Mini Tote!

Here it is! Finally, I've had this in my head for a while, and have always wanted to create something that was all my own design. 
I designed this bag with shopping in mind. I don't know about you, but when I shop I don't want to lug around my 'everyday' purse. It is usually filled with receipts, make-up, random findings, and occasionally candy or snacks. Haha. 
The Elaine Mini Tote was named after my little sister, someone who isn't the typical 'cram everything in your purse and go' person. Unlike most women I know, she isn't carrying around a giant bag full of 'things' all the time. 
No, this bag is perfect for just carrying your wallet, lipstick, cell, and keys!
For me, it also fits my Ruger LCP nicely for On-The-Go concealed carry.
The Elaine Mini Tote is a purse you can carry all day long without feeling bogged down with it while running errands or having a day shopping.

A button is an excellent embellishment for this magnetic closure bag
On the square variation I used a big black button

The strap is fully adjustable, so you can throw it over your shoulder or wear it as a crossbody
On the rounded bag I used a small gold button to match the gold hardware

Inside is a small zipper pocket, great for securing your phone or makeup

In the above two photos you can clearly see the variation in shape, although from the front it might not seem like a huge difference. 

I should have this pattern ready to distribute within the next two weeks!
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Monday, December 7, 2015

Pink Pony Design- The Daytona Bag - Pattern Testing

Hey, look at me, updating like I said I would.
Go me!

Today I am fortunate enough to share something really cool. Over the past week I have been testing the pattern for the Daytona Bag by Maria over at Pink Pony Design! Now I get to share pictures with everyone!
I chose navy quilted fabric and marine vinyl for my first bag.

When this bag first popped up on Maria's blog, I was super excited! I have been working on my own pattern, but when I saw this bag I fell in love. I just knew that I needed to make one!

Front View. My handle holder is a little crooked, as I was sewing through many layers of vinyl with an improper foot on my machine.
 The style and size are great for every day use, and making it yourself you can choose how you want to style it. You could be super crazy with print and color, or if you like a more modest style you can go monotone. It could be classy or sassy. Haha!

Overall the pattern is very easy to follow, with lots of great pictures and details. I would say you could sew this bag on any decent home sewing machine, if you are conscious of the materials you choose.

I was a bit confused, those side pieces are supposed to go OUT not IN. I've since fixed it and the sides don't buckle weird any longer.

The inside of the bag is roomy, with a large zippered center pocket perfect for storing a small notebook and makeup, a side zipper pocket where I placed chap-stick and business cards, and an open pocket for your cellphone, pen, hand sanitizer or what have you.  I was able to fit all these things, my wallet, AND my 9" tablet in this bag and still carry it and get into it comfortably. Yet, it's not at all OVER sized.

I love it so much that I made another one, modified for a cross body strap.

White Quilted fabric makes for an elegant finish.
I give this pattern 5 stars, and I hope to test for Maria again in the future. Maybe when I've finished my pattern, she'll even test for me! 

It should be available for purchase soon, and whenever I've got that information I'll post an update. In my honest opinion, any bag maker should have this pattern in their stockpile.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

5 Months Later...

Am I the worst blogger in the history of bloggers?
Maybe. Maybe not.

I'd give you the whole deal about how I've been crazy busy, and make this long and personal, but instead I'll make it short.
Had a tonsillectomy.
I got a temp job for 3 months, turned out to be the second worst job I have ever had.
Found out I have Lupus and possibly RA, explaining all the random sickness and horrible pain popping up over the last few years. It's a struggle daily, and in some ways I am too careful, in others I am not doing enough. I'm confident I'll find the balance between not doing enough, and doing so much I can't function for a week.
Now I'm on vacation in Orlando, staying at Loews Royal Pacific Resort, and I'm writing this blog because I finally feel like doing it.  Even though Husband is here for work, we're managing trips to Universal Studios in the evening, eating great food, and generally just enjoying being together. It's the first time in a long time that we've gone on a trip where the only responsibility we have is to ourselves. Not visiting other people, or worrying about immigration interviews and paperwork; it's fantastic!
WE MOVED! Not very far, just to a great downstairs apartment. It's much easier on my constantly inflamed joints.

So, now that you have a short update on what I've been doing for 5 months. Here's some photos of what I have worked on between doctor visits, sickness, etc. Hopefully I'll get back to blogging on a regular basis, as things settle down again.

Etched Sugar Skull Pint Glass

Label designs for my friends home brewed beer

An old typewriter that I totally refurbished.

A basket made from cotton piping.

My Wall of Embroidery.

Rings made from Oak.

Hey, it's another refurbished typewriter! I just love the vintage look of this. Very Mad Men.
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Already?

Where is this year going, my friends?

And where have I been?

Life is, as usual, hectic. I have basically been sick since we came back from vacation. I've had a horrific case of Mono, resulting in many hours of just sleeping or lazing around.  I'm not entirely over it, but I have been working on a few things...

My Mother-in-law was kind enough to send me some pewter wire for making some Sami bracelets.
I went through 10 meters in just a few days, but I had so much fun making them.

This is one of a handful of viking knit chains and cabochon pendants I made by hand. I will be selling them at my next Preservation Station appearance. 

I made my sisters prom dress. 

One of several cross stitch pieces...

My love of making totes is well known, here's one I recently made with some Paris themed duck and tan canvas.

Another dress in progress for my sister, this one of my own design! No pattern used, and I'm pretty darn proud of it.

Multicolored Lattice Quilt. I was going to sell it, but I have fallen in love with it.

A handmade antler ring with inlay sapphire

Etched sugar skull wine glass, gifted to my Mom on mothers day. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

January Projects

January has been pretty good to me, so far, in the sewing department.
I sewed these cute pillows with fabric I got in Sweden.

I made these curtains from Ikea- Britten Nummer fabric. I'm in love with it.
I even made a blanket from it!

See the ottoman? I made that as well. 
This year I get the honor of making my little sisters prom dress.
It's horrible even thinking that she's old enough already, to even go to prom.
Next year she will graduate and then she'll be on to University to become a Doctor.
I couldn't be any more proud of the young woman she has become.

This grey dress was made from the pattern for my sisters dress. I wanted a sample to work on alterations from.
I'm sure the skirt will need lengthening.

I had a lot of fun making this dress, even though I was sick while I worked on it.
The back features an exposed zipper.
The exposed zipper is a feature that I have always loved in dresses. It feels very young and with the grey of the fabric, I think it kept it from being too boring.

Cute flower buttons on the front and a purple belt sewn on, I'm over-all very happy with how the dress came out!
Honestly, I can hardly believe that it's something I made.
Of course, E's prom dress won't be grey or have cutesy buttons down the front, but it was so much fun to practice!
I hope I get to make many more dresses in the future!