Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Already?

Where is this year going, my friends?

And where have I been?

Life is, as usual, hectic. I have basically been sick since we came back from vacation. I've had a horrific case of Mono, resulting in many hours of just sleeping or lazing around.  I'm not entirely over it, but I have been working on a few things...

My Mother-in-law was kind enough to send me some pewter wire for making some Sami bracelets.
I went through 10 meters in just a few days, but I had so much fun making them.

This is one of a handful of viking knit chains and cabochon pendants I made by hand. I will be selling them at my next Preservation Station appearance. 

I made my sisters prom dress. 

One of several cross stitch pieces...

My love of making totes is well known, here's one I recently made with some Paris themed duck and tan canvas.

Another dress in progress for my sister, this one of my own design! No pattern used, and I'm pretty darn proud of it.

Multicolored Lattice Quilt. I was going to sell it, but I have fallen in love with it.

A handmade antler ring with inlay sapphire

Etched sugar skull wine glass, gifted to my Mom on mothers day. 

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