Monday, December 7, 2015

Pink Pony Design- The Daytona Bag - Pattern Testing

Hey, look at me, updating like I said I would.
Go me!

Today I am fortunate enough to share something really cool. Over the past week I have been testing the pattern for the Daytona Bag by Maria over at Pink Pony Design! Now I get to share pictures with everyone!
I chose navy quilted fabric and marine vinyl for my first bag.

When this bag first popped up on Maria's blog, I was super excited! I have been working on my own pattern, but when I saw this bag I fell in love. I just knew that I needed to make one!

Front View. My handle holder is a little crooked, as I was sewing through many layers of vinyl with an improper foot on my machine.
 The style and size are great for every day use, and making it yourself you can choose how you want to style it. You could be super crazy with print and color, or if you like a more modest style you can go monotone. It could be classy or sassy. Haha!

Overall the pattern is very easy to follow, with lots of great pictures and details. I would say you could sew this bag on any decent home sewing machine, if you are conscious of the materials you choose.

I was a bit confused, those side pieces are supposed to go OUT not IN. I've since fixed it and the sides don't buckle weird any longer.

The inside of the bag is roomy, with a large zippered center pocket perfect for storing a small notebook and makeup, a side zipper pocket where I placed chap-stick and business cards, and an open pocket for your cellphone, pen, hand sanitizer or what have you.  I was able to fit all these things, my wallet, AND my 9" tablet in this bag and still carry it and get into it comfortably. Yet, it's not at all OVER sized.

I love it so much that I made another one, modified for a cross body strap.

White Quilted fabric makes for an elegant finish.
I give this pattern 5 stars, and I hope to test for Maria again in the future. Maybe when I've finished my pattern, she'll even test for me! 

It should be available for purchase soon, and whenever I've got that information I'll post an update. In my honest opinion, any bag maker should have this pattern in their stockpile.

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