Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Project

Here is my completed February project, on this, the first day of March. 
I realized yesterday afternoon that if I was truly going to stick to my goal, I needed to finish this. 
All that I had left to do was bind it, but that's my least favourite part of quilting. 
Well, next to ripping seams, that is.
It was a challenge binding something so large, and the sheet backing was impossible to make stiff so there are a couple of spots on the back edges where the sheet ''buckled'' on me, and I had to put in a few extra stitches to keep it down.
So frustrating. 
This was also a hard quilt to work on for other reasons.
Normally a simple design like this wouldn't have taken me months to complete, but it's made from my Papaw's shirts.
There were times when I would start to work on it, and I just couldn't shut my mind down.
I miss my Papaw very much, but I was so honored to be able to make this.
I know he would be proud of it, and happy that his wife has it as a reminder of him.

My March Goal: Use up all this fabric I have for bags!
I have SO much cute fabric, duck, denim, cotton, all waiting to be made into these cute totes I have been doing lately. 

I'm trying to mix them up a little.
You can see the last is just a plain tote , no pockets, or zippers or hardware.

I also did a little organizing in my sewing room yesterday.

It's even more organized now, this was before I put all my fabric away. The two shelves are ALMOST full of fabric. I imagine, to most other quilters, my stash is quite small.
To my husband, the entire closet seems to be stacked with fabric.
I wish.


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