Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tartan Tote

Tartan is very IN this season, and I can see why!
It is quite beautiful in any color.
When I went to buy webbing yesterday at JoAnn's, I saw this tartan print duck and had to get some.
I had some red colored duck at home and instantly paired the two and created this wonderful tote using a similar design as the one I made/posted yesterday. 

I made a few changes from the old one to make it a stand alone bag.
It has stabilizer and 2 layers of batting.
On top of that it was quilted, simply, which helps with the stabilization of the sides.

 Here is the top view with the zipper closed.

 Top view opened. 
Another change in this bag is the additional pocket on the inside.
I just love the red!

The front pocket is nestled between two strips of red. I didn't have any specific reason for this design feature other than I liked the way it looks. 
I feel like it takes away from the 'busy' feel of the tartan, but accentuates the bag perfectly.
I think it's quite beautiful, and I can't wait to make more!

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