Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weakness = Cute new tote!!!

I am weak. I have to admit it. I spent a very reasonable amount of time on my Anthropology exam this week, which consisted of 3, 2 page essays, and a works cited page. 7 pages about monkeys, and bones, and archaeological tools. WOO!
That's not what makes me weak, but what does is the fact that I can't go seven days without sewing SOMETHING. I have to. It's an impulse. It's in my very bones, every fiber of my being says "Catherine, seeewwwww!"
So today I gave in, AFTER doing a little work on another thing for Anthropology.

My weakness means I have this adorable tote bag!!

It's really a simple little (or not so little at 21x13) bag, but it was fun to make, and it came out super cute!

It has a purse zipper on the top, which has two tabs and opens/closes from any direction you wish!
They only thing  am not entirely pleased with, is the handles.
They are very sturdy, just not as pretty as the bag is.

In other, bag related, news I will be selling these totes!
Completely customizable, too!
You can find my current fabric choices on my Facebook page!

I have also updated my GIVEAWAY!
I have been mulling it over for several weeks, considering my options.
I certainly would never cancel my giveaway, but my original didn't seem to be garnering the attention I hoped for.
I'm not out for just likes, but because I want to share my skills and the art I create.
Some day, maybe, I can turn my sewing and creating into a business, which would truly be a DREAM COME TRUE.
Instead of the original prizes of a candy jar, zipper cosmetic bag, and fabric baskets, I will now offer a custom tote.

Stop on by and give me a like, for your chance to win!

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