Monday, November 4, 2013

The Preservation Station

So much, and nothing, all at the same time.

With having two 'out of commission' feet, I have been lazy and working my booty off with school and crafting.

I am taking part in a near-by antique/craft market called the Preservation Station Market.

I am honored to be a part of the first sale, and have been working diligently on 
many home made items to put up for sale.

Among those items I will sell are:
Woodburned Signs
A slip-covered Wing Back Chair
Recovered/Painted Vintage Chairs
Crochet Hats
Unique Clocks
and MORE!! 

I expect to have over 2000 dollars of merchandise to sell!
I have to say that the entrepreneur in me is SUPER excited to be taking part in this. It's the first time I will set up my own space and sell my items to people I have never met before!
I am hoping, as I continue with school in January and make positive strides in my life, I will continue to take part in market days and selling my items. 

Aside from crafting galore, I finished my first semester at San Juan College, working on my Veterinary Technician degree.  Even after just a semester, it's super annoying when people say things like
"Oh, you're going to be a vet assistant? Does that even take 3 years?''
A vet assistant is NOT a vet tech. 
Vet Techs are far more trained and educated and can do more than a lowly assistant. :P

The more you know! 

I am stoked for the next semester to start. Even though I will have to take math. 

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