Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tee Shirt Memory Quilt and Bunny Basket, Be Damned My Foot

Despite rupturing my plantar fascia, 
And wearing this beautiful CAM boot,
which you can see Thor quite likes, I did manage to finish quite a few projects this week...

First off is a second bunny, which I made for my friend/hairdresser for her cousins baby.

Adorable! Right?

But I felt like it wasn't enough, so I made some cute little terry cloth and flannel burp rags, and put it all in a little basket!

I free quilted a rattle, heart, and stars, one on the corner of each rag.
They are super soft and were very quick to make!
Don't you think it all looks so cute in the little basket?
Perfect for taking to the hospital on birthday!

The other thing I finished this week was a tee shirt quilt for a friend I had art with in High School.
It incorporates quite a few old school shirts, and came out quite nice, despite the issues of working with stretch cotton jersey for a quilt top. 

The backing is a nice blue fleece, very warm for the upcoming winter months!

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