Friday, August 16, 2013

Tales From The Swedish Crypt

Or something like that?

Actually, we have been back home for a week, but between jet-lag and school preparations and birthday celebrating, whose had time to be a good blogger? Not me!

Besides, I've been spending all my spare time carving and sanding Dala Horses...

We had a really great vacation, visiting with The Swede's family, and spending a weekend exploring Stockholm's finest museums, tourist shops, and body odors.
Yes, I said it, body odors.
Really people, it's 80 and the city is packed for Pride week on top of being the busiest tourist time of the year, so help a lady out and put on some deodorant.
Much obliged.
Aside from the hovering stench of tourists, we did have a wonderful time visiting aforementioned museums. We went to the Nobel Museet, where they were featuring the Peace prize in a temporary exhibit. We went to some aquarium, and also the Medieval Museet, which was quite cool. They featured a lot of old weapons and stuff.
But the first day was mostly souvenir shopping. =D
The second day was a bit more interesting. We went to the Vasa Museet, and for those of you who don't know what Vasa was, it was a Swedish warship, that sank less than a mile from shore on it's MAIDEN voyage. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.
We stopped for a rest at these docks outside the Vasa Museum.

I have seen in it the History Channel, but I have to say that nothing can compare to seeing it up close. Even for something that failed so massively, it was impressive. And so stunningly beautiful.
We also went to the Nordic Museet, which had a neat exhibit about the history of hair.
It's also in an extremely impressive (and HOT) building.

Our last thing we did in Stockholm was visit Skansen, which is basically a zoo with some historical stuff thrown in.
It was quite pretty, and I took a nice picture of the Swedish flag while we were there.

Aside from our weekend in Stockholm, we were actually staying in the city of Borlänge, where The Swede's parents live.

We went fishing one day, visited with family, you know... The type of things you do when you have two weeks of the year with your family.

One evening, we visited Nusnäs, Sweden. Nils and Grannas Olsson Hemslöjds , where over 100,000 Dala Horses are hand produced every year. IMPRESSIVE!!
It is also where my in-laws got me the wonderful birthday present of this adorable fabric!!

No doubt I will have to come up with a cute Swedish themed quilt top and use this for the backing.

My poor sewing machine is still broken, but sadly I feel there's not much time for sewing in the coming weeks, as I start school and prepare for Swedish Parents to visit us.


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