Thursday, August 22, 2013

School. Horses. Cats.



I've not bothered to hide the fact that I feel much dismay over my broken sewing machine, but I finally looked at it again and couldn't fix it on my own. Very sad night. I did take it this morning to be repaired... Hopefully. We'll cross our fingers, and I will share what I've been doing instead of sewing.


I'm studying to be a vet tech, and I am extremely excited about it! Ever had that feeling that you are just doing the right thing? I tried teaching, which I think I would like and be good at, but too many downsides, too much frustration. I tried hairdressing, which I still love to do, but I don't have the tolerance for dealing with... well.. bitches. 
But now I'll be dealing with all new bitches! The kind who have cute little puppies!!! It's nice to feel content in the decision, even if it brings its own obstacles and challenges. 

One week down of first semester, 11 to go. :)

Since I haven't been sewing, I've been planning my next quilt, for which I will use my Dala Horse fabric featured in my last post. I haven't worked it out enough to share a sketch, but the horsies will be on the back.

Speaking of Dalahäst, I have been carving and sanding, and sanding and carving, and painting... To created these beauties!

The top was carved, and carefully sanded with multiple grains of sand paper, then primed. After the primer dried I applied a coat of Mod Podge, to adhere my gold leaf. Next came the gloss coat.Then I painted its tiny little legs purple. Quite modern.

The second was a bit less planned. First I had painted it, and then something knocked it over while it was outside drying so I had to carve off all the paint. At that point, I was annoyed and tired of sanding so I just decided to apply a little stain and gloss coat it. But I love it.

While in Sweden, I had the pleasure of painting ceramics with my Mother-in-law. It was a ton of fun, and not something I had thought of doing before. I decoupaged a horse, and painted a miniature of our cats.

I  have some more things in the works. More horses, and some other things.


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