Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hanging Engineer Prints

Recently I decided that for The Swedes birthday I was going to create a picture wall of pictures of Sweden.
From Sweden.
Of his family, and of us.
Sentimental, yes.
While perusing blogs and pinterest for ways to hang Staples engineer prints, I came up with my own way.
This isn't really a tutorial.
It's quite simple, and maybe others will find it useful.
It's great if you don't care about having glossy pictures.

Here is the finished product, to begin with. You can see that the print isn't perfect, even though I love the picture.

I first had the picture printed (about 7 dollars) and bought foam board from Hobby Lobby, for about 3 dollars at 30x42 inches. 
I had some Elmers Spray glue, which I can't recommend enough for this project.
It holds well and doesn't effect the print even though the paper is really thin.
1) Line up your print with the foam core, however you want it.
2) clip it on one edge and pull your print over the top so you can spray the foam board.
3)Spray that board!
4)Roll down your print, smoothing along the way down.
5) Trim your edged using a ruler and x-acto, or a rotary cutter.
I bought the largest print size, so it didn't fit the foam board exactly, and I lost about 4 inches of the print. 
You, of course, have to decide if you are willing to do that, and choose your print size accordingly.

For hanging, I peeled up the edges of the print. And nailed the foam board to the wall in all four corners!

I then carefully sprayed a little more glue  and pressed the photo back down.

It's been a couple of weeks since I put it up and it still looks great, so I am going to do at least two more photos this way!

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