Monday, August 26, 2013

Heirloom Cut Chenille Baby Blanket, An Ever Changing Blog

This weekend, after bringing home my Janome Memory Craft 6300 I decided I need a small project to work on and test my machine and my new throat space. 
So, of course, to Pinterest I went, where I found a tutorial on Aesthetic Nest,
for an Heirloom Cut Chenille Blanket.
Or so I thought that it would be a small project.
With straight stitching a mere quarter of an inch apart over a yard of blanket 4 layers thick
followed by clipping in between each line with a chenille cutter, after unfortunately spray basting my flannel to my backing.
Having to trim off about 6 inches after the chenille cutter put a hole in my quilt.
This turned out to be about a 12 hour quilt.

I thought I would make it interesting, and add curves and different lines.
I think for my first try, it came out really nice, but I was a bit too ambitious.

I will be making at least two more, hopefully without any holey incidents. 
I have a friend in Sweden who just had her second baby, who I poorly crocheted a blanket for a couple years ago. 
Time to make up for that with some snuggly goodness.
Over all, I love this technique, especially when used with vintagey fabrics.

Please Ignore My Changing Blog

I have been working on personalizing and perfecting my blog designs. I'd appreciate any thoughts, and all the patience you can muster as it changes in the coming weeks.

Tack så mycket!
(Thanks so much!)

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