Sunday, September 15, 2013

Refashion: Old Jeans Into Cute Apron!

Life, as always, has been a little hectic lately...
I am sewing some, but other things come first.
I have a few Christmas themed items in the works, as last year we had ZERO Christmas decorations.
I also have my FIRST tutorial in the works, and will be very excited to share it,
when I have time to finish writing it!

However, today, I did decide to do some sewing, just a simple thing really.
I found these jeans hanging in our closet that I bought in a rush at Fashion Bug before they closed their doors.
I bought a petite... Something I have never been.
I set them aside, thinking I would eventually use them for something.
A few weeks later, I found a really cute denim apron online and decided that I could make my own.

I took apart my jeans, and lay out my pieces and sketched, then cut to suit my design.

 This sat on our kitchen table all week, until I decided to fiddle with it and finally sew it into this marvelous creation.

It really wasn't as hard as I expected it to be, seeing as I put it off for a week, 
when I was actually quite excited to do something new.
As I sew, and saw how it lay, some things did change, such as the 'bodice' area.
I hadn't originally planned a pocket, or the triangle top.
When I get it fitted the shape will probably change again...

The hardest part of this was adding the ruffle. 
I bought some ruffle binding from work that was marked down to a ridiculous 13cents.
It took a lot of pins to keep it still while I sewed all the way around the apron.
I used twill tape for the neck and waist ties.

I am so pleased with how it turned out, and it goes to a good home with my Stompanie.

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