Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June's Obsession

People, I'm not even joking. 

I recently make a lovely mother of the groom's dress for a long time family friend.
 It was the perfect opportunity to practice sewing satin and sheers.
To top it off, I got to sew something for someone else's body, and it was inspiring to say the least.

It is made from champagne colored satin, not the high end stuff so it wasn't always so cooperative.
The bodice has an sheer overlay with a meandering pattern of sequins, which was interesting to cut and to sew.
The sash is just a plain black satin, to kind of bring the whole concept together.
I had a LOT of trouble with the lining, so much so that only the front and sides of the bodice got fully lined.
I just could not get the pieces to fit snugly together.
I don't currently have a photo of the back side, but it does have a 21 inch zipper.
The arm holes are bound in FOE, to keep the sequins from being scratchy on the arms.

Sewing this dress has had me looking at gowns on pinterest like a MAD WOMAN.
Specifically rosette gowns.

COME ON! Tell me that these are not stunning! I dare you!

Every time I would go to Joann or Hancock's and see rosette fabric, I thought that the rosette's on sheer fabric looked so... Childish...
Boy, was I wrong.
I only wish that it weren't so expensive, because I would love to have a knee length dress with a rosette skirt!
Not that I have any occasion to wear one.

On a more personal note, I really haven't been doing too much, aside from making that dress, and hemming some pants. I have been down with a kidney infection and some debilitating back pain for nearly three weeks now. I can barely put any pressure on my tailbone, so sitting at my sewing machine or cutting fabric in the floor has been a no-go.

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