Friday, June 20, 2014

Adventures in Corsetry

I love trying new things.
I love that feeling when I pass something in the store and think 'I could totally do that, but even better.'
I don't know what the motivation is, but I love a good challenge, and the thrill when you try something new, and it turns out wonderfully. Even if it takes a few tries. 
The past two weeks I've been really into learning to make corsets, and I even made a nice little waist cincher. 

 It came out so beautifully, and a pillow works great for showing the shape .
When I do another, add boning along side the grommets to keep some of that wrinkling down.
Here it is, lay out on my sewing machine bed so you can see the length a little better.
It's made for a size 4-6, which obviously I am not.
So if you know someone who might want an underbust corset in that size range...Hit me up! Haha!

I've already cut pieces for a second one, after upsizing the pattern a bit.
I need more boning, but I think it will fit me.

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