Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Semester Complete, Let Summer Begin

     So, anyone who reads my blog or knows me knows that I've been struggling lately with my depression and PCOS.  It is so difficult for me to talk about things or to explain what I am feeling or going through, and I just stopped talking about entirely because I was tired of being told, more or less, to 'get over it'. I may not be able to explain how I feel and there may be no reason for it, but I certainly can't 'just get over it'. However, I eliminated one stresser, and passed this semester with great grades. I wish I had always tried this hard in school! I just never saw how important it was, and even though I still have two years left, I feel so proud of myself for struggling through and working hard to make my dreams come true.

With this good news comes much sewing.
I'm determined to relax this summer.
To play more.
Be outside more.
Kill children who play outside screaming at 9 pm...

Oh sorry, my thoughts run away from me. ;)

Most of all, I want to sew as much as I want to sew.
This past week, with my final assignments and final exams, I realized how relaxing sewing is for me. 
Something about piecing together colors and shapes, about the hard work and hum (loud, vibrating, hum) of my sewing machine, and knowing that I will end with a beautiful and long lasting piece of art is calming and rewarding.

Here's a few things I've done recently. 
Another Chevron Quilt Top

Water-Proof Diaper Cover

Table Cover, and Pillow Cases

Baby Quilt

Applique Flannel Blankets for my friends new twin girls.

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