Thursday, January 16, 2014

Satin Binding Tutorial and DalaQuilt

I finished my Dala Horse quilt, and I'm SO excited about it! 
Not only is this the first quilt that I have ever made for myself, but it came out so nice, and I get to make you all a tutorial!!

This tutorial is for the satin binding that I used.
Most commonly, satin binding is seen on childrens fleece or flannel blankets.
I think I am surely not the only one who like the feel of satin binding, but not necessarily the width of it.
I had trouble finding a tutorial on doing this, so I figured it out myself!

As with any other binding, you start by pinning, but you'll pin it to the front instead of the back, and keep it folded!

What I don't like about most satin binding and tutorials, is that the binding is opened and just put over the edge. On an adult size quilt, that's not really an adult look.

Then, you zigzag stitch around the edge.

On my first corner I made the mistake of pinning it folded and sewing it all the way around.
Sew one side to about a cm away from the corner, fold to miter, and do the same to the adjacent side. 

You will have a little flappy piece that seems wrong, but it's not.

When you have sewn on each side, you can begin turning your binding. Don't pull on it too hard, because you don't want to tear the satin or expose any stitching anywhere. 
Fold it over and pin from the FRONT side. Keep looking from front to back to make sure it will catch.

I was a dummy, and pinned on the back the first time, which meant stopping and starting more than I needed to.

I line up the inside edge of my walking foot, to the edge of the binding, and begin to sew.
I did this one side at a time to avoid poking myself a million times with my pins.

Sew sew sew.

And here you can see how lovely it looks.
Nice and even, no spots where it doesn't catch, and finished, it doesn't have that childish wide binding!

Thanks for the visit!

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