Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Swedie Chevrons! Chevrons Galore!

Is EVERYONE obsessed with chevrons? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that they are.
But that's OK, because they do make pretty (and simple, quick, fun) quilts!
The past two weeks, even with all the travel preparations, and hanging out with my Da post knee-replacement, I had the pleasure of making a quilt for my hairdresser in trade for a Keratin treatment.
I love the colors that she chose, and all the while I was making it I kept thinking that I wanted to keep it for myself (because it's rather Swedish-y...)! Thankfully I was able to get a nice picture out on our patio. Wonderclips really are wonderful!!!

The top was about 2 days in the making, just a few hours of work, but I easily spent 10-14 hours quilting. I'm the master of the frog-stitch. Y'know, rippit, rippit. You can thank my manager for that awful joke. lol

I just did some simple diagonal straight stitching at 4 inches apart on the chevron, and one inch apart in the borders. They aren't all perfectly straight, it's really hard to be straight without the use of a walking foot... But, it came out nice, and I know that I am far more picky than a non-quilter will be.

Please ignore that piece of little blue thread, no idea where that came from! I quilted in grey! Speaking of grey, my backing is a rather popular grey pattern from my workplace. I have used it as backing on 2 other quilts for people...

It was not my choice, but I do like it.

Chevrons galore, I did say. So, here is the skirt I made for our upcoming trip to Sweden. A light weight knit with a chevron waistband. I adore maxi-skirts, and this seemed like the perfect comfy skirt for plane riding!

Last, for now, is a picture of the cake I decorated for my coworkers at my last Wilton Method Cake Decorating class. They were a TON of fun. I loved my instructor, who was super helpful and knowledgeable, and laughed at our bizarre sense of humor for four whole classes! On top of that, I got to spend time with my little sister and my Stomps. 

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