Friday, August 29, 2014

Winter Is Coming...

Ok, so, really I KNOW it's only the end of August...
I, however, in my denial of the Kentucky heat, have started my annual

What is a Hatstravaganza, you might ask?
Well, let me explain, kind sir or madame!

Every year (obviously, that IS what annual means...) around the end of September, I start crocheting hats for people. For some unknown reason I decided to start early this year!
Yesterday I made the first one, and I feel like it's blogworthy.
From the side, with my label sewn on. I should have got pictures with it pulled down and folded up at the rim.

Mannekin heads are the creep.
Also, notice how good these pictures are?
That's because my Daddy gave me a camera for my birthday! YAY!

Back Side!

All my hats this year are made from 100% Organic cotton, dyed by hand in any color!

I also thought that my blog readers might want in on the hat action.
If you go to my Facebook page and message me, telling me that you saw my blog post you can get a 15% discount on 3 or more hats! 

As always, thanks for stopping by!!


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