Sunday, February 9, 2014

12 Months of Sewing Challenge: UPDATES

     I have to say, that the last week I have really enjoyed my blog. I had forgotten for a while why I began writing it. Truthfully, I love creating of all kind. I love my sewing, and my crafting, and I love sharing everything I do with the world. And even if I have no comments or followers, every time I see that I have views, my heart gives a little flutter and I am so thankful that I am reaching anyone!

My sewing/crafting challenge is going really well!
I'm actually surprised at how much I have been getting done. 
My January project was completely in a timely fashion, and I love using my Dala Horse quilt.
Here's a few pictures of other things I completed in January

A bear for my sister, made from our Papaw's shirts

I painted this setee, and also the side table for our bedroom!

A Hobbit I sculpted, for our Hobbit themed terrarium!

February has been off to a great start as well, I am almost done with my memory quilt for my Grandma out of my Papaw's clothes!

I've got it basted and ready for quilting now, but here is the top!

A sneak preview of my next quilt. One block down for this full size quilt!

Another thing I learned to do this month is crochet a rug. I completed a small one that I was unimpressed with, but then I made this one!

It has 13 yards of fabric in it! Cut into one inch strips and crocheted into this lovely oval, that my cat would love to eat!

He was a little upset with me when I told him it wasn't a food, so he just started licking it and hugging it instead.

My goals for February is to finish off this t-shirt quilt, and in March I hope to get all the blocks sewn for my next quilt top, and bind a quilt I've had in the closet for months. 

Wish Me Luck!

Thank You!

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