Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Colorful Chopsticks

I believe I will just start blogging with my latest project which is this Squares in Squares- Colorful Chopsticks quilt top. 

I work at a local Hancock Fabric store, and had to have some of these beautiful colors. I instantly knew that I had to make squares in squares with it. I try to sell some quilts, and if they don't sell they normally get gifted to someone, or donated. This one may be kept...
This was an easy two day quilt top, I had some down time and felt the need to accomplish something.
I'm sure that my constant sewing annoyed My Swede, as we share a room as the office/sewing room.
If someone doesn't come stay with us soon, I might have to take over our spare bedroom...

These blocks are 15x15 before they are sewn together.
I am considering a white border on the sides to make it a bit wider, and of course the binding is scraps of the wonderful colorful fabric!
Can't wait to quilt and finish it!


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